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May 5, 2021

Can you put hot pans on quartz countertops?

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Have you ever walked into a kitchen and immediately thought “Wow, this space is breathtaking”? That is the reaction our team at Kitchen Express strives to give its customers when dreaming of their kitchen remodel. A kitchen gets a significant amount of traffic day after day, so it makes sense why you would want it to be an intentional and beautiful space. One element of a kitchen that draws attention is the countertops, and rightly so. They take up a large area of visual area and are the base on which you make everything. Quartz has been a top consumer favorite, and with proper care, quartz countertops can be extremely hardy and long-lasting. 

Is it okay to put a hot pan or pot on a quartz countertop?

Part of taking care of a quartz countertop is knowing its limitations and requirements for maintaining its integrity. A question we often get is “Can you put hot pans on a quartz countertop?” Our highly knowledgeable team at Kitchen Express strongly advises our customers to not put a hot pan or pot on a quartz countertop. The nature of quartz does not take heat well, and doing so would cause significant harm to your countertops. 

What happens if you put a hot pan or pot on a quartz countertop?

If you were to put a hot pan or pot on a quartz countertop, the countertop could become very damaged. Quartz is made up of mostly quartz mixed with resin. The resin in the quartz is highly affected by heat, and this is why placing a hot pan on quartz is so strongly discouraged. If you were to put such high heat on quartz, the resin is very likely to burn and the countertop’s coloration would be significantly impacted. This burning of the resin would more than likely be irreversible, and that is why knowing how to care for your quartz countertops beforehand is so key. 

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