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March 31, 2021

How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Kitchen?

Main Components of a Kitchen Remodel

When you are considering having a remodeling project done on your kitchen, there are several different decisions you need to make that contribute to the look of the room. These are the most common components of a kitchen remodel and what you will need to pick a design for.

Cabinets – Your kitchen cabinets cover a large area of your kitchen walls and will be a main attention grabber in the room. You can design your cabinets to be white and smooth for a modern look or a darker wood stain for a more rustic feel. Much of how you want your kitchen to feel will go into your cabinets.

Countertops – Your countertops are a big decision in any kitchen remodel. There are so many different options to choose from. You can go for a more budget-friendly option like Formica, or really splurge and give your kitchen the luxurious feel that granite and marble countertops give.

Backsplash – The backsplash in your kitchen is an optional element, but it is highly recommended that you get one as it makes your cabinets and countertops really blend together. There are many different types of kitchen backsplash designs to choose from. If you have chosen a more modern look for your kitchen, a tile might be right for you. If you have chosen a more traditional look, maybe you will want to incorporate some natural stone. The choice is yours with the hundreds of backsplash options.

What are the primary Time Factors in a Remodel?

So how do we know how long it will take for your kitchen remodel to be completed? The time it takes to complete your kitchen remodel depends on several factors. 

Decision making – As mentioned above, there are hundreds of looks that you can have in your kitchen. If you know exactly what you want, this part of the process will be much shorter than if you cannot decide on the look you want.

Material ordering – This will be the longest part of the kitchen remodeling process. Once you have made all your decisions, all the components of your kitchen will have to be ordered and shipped to your house. This process may take several weeks.

Installation – The installation of your kitchen will only take several days to complete, depending on how big your kitchen space is. If you are hiring a contracting company like kitchen express to remodel your kitchen, it will only take about 1 week to have your new cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash installed.

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